13 November 2018

Starting from scratch... sort of...

Hello... 40kChris here.

You may, or may not, remember me from my other blog A Host of Word Bearers, and the hobby content I was doing there.  Over the years, as my tastes in Chaos grew and expanded they unfortunately left me feeling somewhat disenfranchised with the Word Bearers Legion as a whole.  So much so, that I've changed my paint scheme and have rededicated my Chaos Space Marine forces into a mix of shooty Black Legion and more close combat Renegades in the heraldry of The Flawless Host.  I have paired all my demons down to only Slaanesh Demons and use my Renegades & Heretics primarily as a detachment filled with heavy guns because why would I use militia when Cultists are better?


My goal by moving here is to have the blog reflect the more all encompassing view I've been taking of, not only Chaos, but my hobby time as a whole.

I collect 40k Chaos*.

It's as simple as that.

So the blog should reflect that.

Sure... I will have a Chaos Kill Team, possibly a Commander for it.  I am definitely getting Blackstone Fortress, and running that Chaos detachment at least a few times.  I mean come on... it's a Chaos Lord WITH A THUNDER HAMMER.  Chaos never gets Thunder Hammers.  I've already planted the idea in the local GW managers ear about splitting the Wrath and Rapture box thats coming out later.  I want those new Fiends.

Basically... there's a lot to cover, more to paint, and even more to get excited about as GW seems to keep hitting it out of the park release after release.  Blackstone Fortress is awesome.  Wrath and Rapture has me pumped for those new Fiends, the harp playing Herald, and what ever else is in there.  That should mean a plastic Keeper is on the way AND it looks like maybe new Oblits/Mutilators in  today's Rumor Engine.  I mean it's basically saying Flesh Metal in the description FFS.

Sure, the tournament scene is making the rules sort of a mess... but... they kind of brought this on themselves.  But this does effect me and my main 40k squeeze Dave.  Dave and I have been playing for about 10 years now, we'll call him 40kDave, and he's into Mechanicus, Knights, and now... Custodes. 😱  Seriously, the only thing I can think of is dropping a max Slaanesh Cultist squad next to them and hitting them with Prescience for the double-tap assist, and them make them shoot again.  If ya'll got any other suggestions, I am all ears folks.  We have started frequenting the Warhammer Store here in Columbus.  Mike, the manager, is a great guy.  Energetic, and great to talk to.  Enough that Dave and I have talked about venturing out of the house and going to play in a public setting.  Like grown ups. 😂

So I hope you stick around and maybe even ask some questions, I enjoy the interaction.



*I might, very strong on the might here, get an occasional AoS game with my Slaanesh Demons.  Maybe.


  1. Lord Adiatun Varunn14/11/18 4:22 PM

    Best of luck with your "new" chaotic adventure! I followed and enjoyed reading "A Host of Word Bearers" and I thank you for the many inspirations you gave me (although I never found the courage to write in the comments, because English is not my first language, a bit because I was able to do it only on Castigator's Chaos after a long time I just followed). Thank you so much for everything.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed the previous content, and hopefully you'll enjoy what I do here as well. You're always welcome to stop by and chat.

  2. Well, Chris, I loved your previous blog, so there's no question that I'll be following this as well! Happy hunting, and now bring on the chaos!


    1. Hey KS, always good to see you and thanks for coming along!