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Here are some of the bloggers/artists that inspire me the most, apps I find useful, and singled out tutorials.  They are in no particular order.

BattleScribe - If you're looking to get a list idea together quickly, just build some experimental lists, or even track how many points of unpainted models you have... and cry a little... this app is for you.  I have both the iPad, and desktop versions and paid for them because I like supporting good programs.

Ministomp (Twitter profile) - If you haven't noticed, there's a link to his store over there on the right.  Go get that, then follow him on Twitter.  He's got great customer service, and has some of the best Spicy Deals™ you can imagine.  A Spicy Deal™is a grouping of items, that go together thematically and/or game wise, for a very good price... but... you need to follow him on Twitter to see those... so... go do that.

From the Warp - Even though Ron doesn't blog 40k anymore, and hasn't for years, you will STILL be hard pressed to find such an awesome blog of a literal glut of hobby information.

The Convertorium - OMFG... basically everything Jeff Vader touches is incredible.  Simple, clean conversions with outstanding paint jobs.  Even though he uses a very limited palette across most of his minis, he makes it work whether it's Imperial or Chaos.

Eternal Hunt - Another outstanding hobbyist.  Kraut Scientist's dedication to the Blood God is absolute, terrifyingly productive, AND consistent.  Even when he branches out with Necromunda, Inq28, or Kill Team he's still consistent with conversion work and paint application.  If you love Khorne, you NEED to check him out.

Castigator's Chaos - One of the best Slaanesh themed armies out there, this link will take you to their army post.  LOTS of old school Noise Marines and Demonettes with some fantastic conversion work.

Creative Twilight - A shed load of content, BUT there's more than one author and they talk about it all... hobby, games, tutorials, etc.

Dark Future Gaming - Converting. Fiends.  Seriously these guys don't stop and they convert everything... Heretic, Loyalist, you name it.

Mengel Miniatures - Always great content, not only his work but he also showcases others work as well with his "Mini of the Week" page.

Adrian Smith - What can I say, it was Adrian's illustrations in the 3.5 Chaos codex that made me fall in love with Chaos... well... mostly. 😅  Seriously though I remember his work in the Warhammer universes over the years and I'm never not impressed when I see his work.  His illustrative work for Hate and The Others are some of my favorite work to date.

Wanye Douglas Barlowe - My mom got me his book of aliens illustrated from different books on a lark when I was in high school.  I have loved his stuff since then.  My favorite works of his are from his book Inferno.  His depictions of Hell, and it's citizens, are still breathtaking despite the muted palette.